How well do you know your body?

It may seem like an odd question to ask, but your body communicates through signs and symptoms. It can mumble and grumble if you haven’t paid attention to it so the odd twinge is usual, but I would encourage you to take a good look at yourself naked and get to know your lumps and bumps. Why? Let me tell you about a client who I’ll call Jane.

Jane came to see me this summer as she knew she wasn’t eating well. We came up with a plan which reignited her enthusiasm for eating healthily and as she had been experiencing some stress I suggested that she came back the following week for an abdominal massage. She lay on the couch ready for the massage, and just looking at her tummy visually gave me cause for concern. Jane is very slim but the lower part of her abdomen was noticeably raised. The abdomen should be soft when lying down relaxed, but Jane’s was swollen and hard. I expected it to sound full of air, but it sounded dense and full. I asked if she experienced any urinary problems and she admitted that she was going to the bathroom about 7 times a night. The lower abdomen contains the bowels, reproductive organs and bladder, so the pressure in that small space would cause frequent urination. Her periods had recently stopped otherwise I would have suspected they would be problematic.

I have examined many bellies during my 10 years as a colon hydrotherapist and my instinct told me there was a problem. I suggested she saw her doctor at her earliest convenience for a professional opinion and wrote a letter for the GP with my findings. The doctor was very grateful for the referral and made an appointment for an ultrasound within the next few days, so I realised that my hunch was right and it was serious. A few weeks later she was booked in for an operation to remove a large cyst. As the cyst was 20cm long and in an awkward place, Jane ended up having a complete hysterectomy and multiple biopsies taken. Thankfully she heard yesterday that the biopsies were clear, and she is making a good recovery from the surgery.

As the saying goes, one body, one life, so please look after it and seek professional advice if you have any concerns. The following video gives and explanation of what is where in the abdomen so that you can understand your inner workings.

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